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Advocating For Victims Of Serious And Catastrophic Injuries

Every single day, individuals and families have their lives turned upside down by catastrophic injuries. It is a harsh reality that many of these life-altering injuries are the direct result of someone else’s carelessness or misconduct. The serious injury lawyer at Ranchor Harris Law will strive to make those responsible for such negligence take accountability for their actions.

We focus on representing people who face the long-term consequences of serious and catastrophic injuries, helping them receive the justice and compensation they deserve. With over 30 years of experience, our catastrophic personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, North Carolina, can take on the most complex cases here and throughout the U.S.

A Special Focus On Brain And Spinal Cord Injuries

Brain and spinal cord injuries are among the most severe outcomes of not only catastrophic vehicle accidents but also trucking accidents and hazards on poorly maintained premises. The attorney at Ranchor Harris Law has an in-depth understanding of the damages involved in brain injury cases and spinal cord injury claims in North Carolina. These injuries require extra attention for the following reasons:

  • Severe brain injuries can affect cognitive function, emotional well-being and overall quality of life.
  • Spinal cord injuries may result in partial or complete paralysis and require lifelong care.
  • These injuries can prevent individuals from returning to work or living independently.

It does not matter whether you were hurt because you fell on someone else’s property or because of a defect in a product; we have seen them all. We will investigate the accident and work with medical professionals to ensure that your claim reflects the full extent of your needs now and in the future.

Compassionate Counsel For Victims Coping With A Wrongful Death

Tragically, some injuries prove fatal due to another’s negligence or intentional harm. Our wrongful death lawyer will provide the sensitive legal support families need during such challenging times and the determination to secure the justice and financial stability that can help them move forward.

Seeking Compensation For Camp Lejeune Health Issues

For decades, the water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune contained devastating toxins, exposing countless service members and families to serious health risks. We are prepared to represent the veterans, their families and the civilian employees who suffered due to toxic exposure at the military base. If you have suffered health issues due to Camp Lejeune, we are well-versed in handling such cases. We will guide you through the process of pursuing compensation, whether it involves government programs or legal actions, ensuring you receive the support you need for your medical and emotional well-being.

Personal Injury FAQs

Do I really need a personal injury lawyer?

While you are not required to have legal representation after a car accident, medical mistake or nursing home abuse case, it is in your best interest to have a lawyer. Having an experienced advocate is crucial to safeguarding your rights and maximizing your personal injury compensation.

What is a contingency fee?

Almost all personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay unless there is a verdict or settlement. At Ranchor Harris Law, you will only pay once we secure a verdict or settlement on your behalf.

How do I know if I should sue?

You shouldn’t bear the burden alone – we’ll handle every aspect of your personal injury claim so you can focus on yourself. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is your right to remedy harm caused by others’ negligence, and we will be with you every step of the way.

What can a personal injury claim provide?

A personal injury claim can secure necessary and fair compensation, covering medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost earnings, pain and suffering and even costs associated with in-home care or home modifications due to injury. We collaborate with experts to assess the full scope of expenses, ensuring any settlement offer meets your needs. With numerous jury trials under our belt, we are ready to go to trial if necessary.

Are the insurance companies really that bad?

In some ways, no. Insurance companies are comprised of a mix of individuals, some good and some less so. However, their profit often stems from denying resources to injured individuals. They are driven by profit and willing to avoid responsibility. Fortunately, our defense attorney anticipates their tactics and takes preemptive action to protect your interests.

My loved one was killed due to another person or party’s negligence. What are my options?

Losing a loved one is devastating, yet legal options exist for seeking justice and compensation through wrongful death claims. Compensation may cover funeral costs, medical bills, pain and suffering of the deceased, loss of income and more.

What are the qualifying factors for seeking legal action for a brain injury?

To seek legal action for a brain injury, key factors include proving negligence or fault by another party, demonstrating a direct link between their actions and the injury and showing the extent of damages suffered due to the brain injury. We will fight to secure the compensation necessary for medical bills, lost earnings and ongoing care to aid in your recovery.

What should I do if a loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse or neglect?

Regrettably, nursing home patients often face abuse or neglect due to various factors. Prioritize your loved one’s safety by relocating them if necessary. Document signs of abuse, neglect or distress and contact a personal injury attorney experienced in nursing home abuse cases promptly. Time is of the essence.

Let Us Help You Recover And Rebuild Your Life

Catastrophic injuries and the wrongful death of a loved one can devastate a family financially. Our skilled personal injury lawyer will work hard to get you the compensation you need to make a full recovery and rebuild your life. Schedule a free consultation today by calling us at 919-586-8760 or messaging us here.